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Changing User Password With Administrator Access

One can change windows user password if he/she has administrator access using NET USER command in cmd.

Step 1 :- Log in as an administrator .
Step 2 :- Open the command prompt as an administrator.
Step 3 :-Type 'net user' and press 'ENTER' in Command Prompt.

This will display a list of user accounts on the computer.

The Accounts will be listed in columns

Step 4 :- Type 'net user username *' and press 'ENTER'.
Step 5 :- Enter the new password you want to change twice.
Step 6 :- Login with the new password you changed.

Cracking Administrator Password using Command Prompt in windows 7 -

All you need is a bootable media.

Step 1 :- Insert the bootable media in to your system.

Step 2 :- Press the key (as allowed in your system) to open boot menu.

Step 3 :- Select the bootable media and boot in to windows.

Step 4 :- Press Shift+F10 to open the command prompt once the boot media gets loaded.

Step 5 :- Type 'Diskpart' and press 'ENTER' . Next type 'list vol' in order to list all the volumes.

The list of all the volumes will be displayed. From the table listed one can know in which drive windows is installed.

Step 6 :- Type 'exit' to get out of the diskpart.

Step 7 :- Now type the following command in command prompt , 'copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\' and press 'Enter' Type 'Y'.

Step 8 :- Again type the following command 'copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe' and press 'Enter' and Type 'Y'.

Step 9 :- Type 'exit'and get out of the command.

Step 10 :- Now Reboot the machine.

Step 11 :- Once the windows turns ON .Press 5 times shift keys to turn on command prompt (one of the best hack in WINDOWS 7).

Step 12 :- Type 'net user' to get the list all the available user.

Step 13 :- Type 'net user username *' and press 'ENTER' to continue.

Step 14 :- Enter the password and confirm password.Password Changed.