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Ethical Hacking - Overview

Ethical Hacking - Tcp/Ip Hijacking

A TCP/IP hijack is an attack that spoofs a server into thinking it is talking with a valid client, when in fact it is communicating with an attacker that has taken over the TCP session. Assume that the client has administrator-level privileges, and that the attacker wants to steal that authority in order to create a new account with root-level access of the server for use later on. A TCP Hijacking is like a two-phased man-in-the-middle attack. The man-in-the-middle attacker lurks in the circuit between a client and a server in order to determine what port and sequence numbers are being used for the conversation.

-Once the attacker discover the ip adress of one of the users , the attacker can knock one off the users off their connection using a Denial of service attack(DOS) attack or other type of attack and resume communication by spoofing the ip address of the disconnected user.

How To Prevent From This Type Of Attack:-

You can install some sort of encryption mechanism such as IPsec. IPsec works at the internet layer.It secures the IP including everything within an IP packet's data field.

-IP security is the gold standard for the virtual network(VPN) security.It gives protection to both transport layer and application layer message .