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How to lock your files very easily and fastest way

Lot of file lock softwares available on the internet .some locker softwres is professonal use its  also very sensitive it protect the data  highly safe

But some  application works slowly 

I found the one compression  software it is also have lock a  facility

It is the one of best compression software product it is  “7-zip”

Okay…. how to encrypt your files using 7 zip

1=After  download the software open the 7-zip software

2=locate the file you want to lock

3= click  right click and then you see the 7 zip option

4= select the 7-zip option and click the “add to archive…”

then you saw the one configuration window


5=see this example image  set the compression level is “store”

6= And then you saw the encryption  option on the window

7=Type the password and the click okay

8= After the compression process your files store the zip format

9=if you open or extract the file ask the password


if you open or extract the file ask the password


10=if the password correct it shows the data otherwise It  shows wrong password