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Ethical Hacking - Overview

Ethical Hacking-Footprinting

 The technique used for gathering information about computer systems and the entities they belong to. To get this information, a hacker might use various tools and technologies. This information is very useful to a hacker who is trying to crack a whole system.

Footprinting is a first and the important step because after this a penetration tester know how the hacker sees this network.

To measure the security of a computer system, it is good to know more and more as you can because after this you will able to determine the path that a hacker will use to exploit this network.

Footprinting Helps A Hacker To Collect the following information −

  • IP Addresses

  • Employee information

  • E-mails

  • Domain name

  • Employee information

  • Phone number

  • Discover open ports

  • Locate the network range

  • Map the network

 Footprinting Is Divided In To Two Phase Passive and Active.


Mirroring Websites-

Downloads all availabe contents for offline anlysis:-

-Telepart pro


-HTTtrack website copier

Email Tracing:-

Examine E-mail processing path.

-Email Tracker Pro


-Polite Mail


Server Verification:-

Determine server are reachable

Enumrate network path from attacker to target

Identifies connectivity with target



Visual Traceroute

-Sam spade

-TCR trade route

Tools are going to use:-

-Google searching

-HTTrack website copier

-Email tracer pro



-Sam spade



Passive footprinting is a method in which the attacker never makes any contact with the target system.

-Google search-inurl: site .filetype

-whois queries

-DNS lookup:

-Social networking site